Television Station

Maestro Sersea, the creator of, has created a television station for English Learners from all over the world. Our educational online television station includes educational programming for learning English online. English Learners can use our free online educational television station to improve their American English comprehension and communication skills.

There are two options for accessing our free online television station for English Learners:

  1. Click here to view it via the website
  2. Click here to view it directly on the television provider website

What is an Internet Television Station?

An Internet Television Station is a website that streams video content to subscribers. The Internet Television Station provides an interface for media to be uploaded, encoded and streamed to their viewers in real-time. A typical internet television station will offer live video feeds of its programs concurrently with pre-recorded digital or analogue content and provide on-demand access to past and present programming.

A media station that transmits programming over the internet is called an internet television station. The process of broadcasting content over the internet is called “streaming”. Streaming media is a form of rich media that enables users to watch video or listen to audio on demand as opposed to watching or listening to it live.

An internet television station is a type of television station that transmits via the internet. This is a vast improvement over regular television which transmits through a satellite, fiber optic cable, or other physical manner. To watch an internet television station, one must have a device with an active internet connection. The modern design ensures no buffering or loading time issues as well as fewer interruptions from ads and commercials.

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