Valery’s Life in the USA: Creative Stories #2

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Valery. Valery wanted to improve her English skills so she could move to the United States of America and have a better life. Valery dreamed of moving to America, getting a good-paying job, and helping her family back home. Her dream came true when she applied, won the Green Card Lottery, and moved to the United States for a better life.

Surprisingly, Valery’s new life in America did not turn out as she had expected. She worked a few low-paying jobs to pay the bills and send money back home. She got a job working at a pizza place, but it didn’t pay enough to meet her budget. After several months, she made enough money to pay her rent and buy food. Then one day, Valery was hired to work at a local fast-food restaurant. When she started her first shift, she met a handsome young man named Paul. Paul was the manager of the restaurant where Valery worked. 

Valery and Paul hit it off immediately and started dating. Paul was the first man Valery had ever been with, and after they started dating, she thought her dreams of moving to America and finding a good job would come true. But it wasn’t meant to be. Valery realized Paul didn’t want to have a child. Valery knew that she wanted a child more than anything in the world. She had always dreamed of having a family, especially a daughter. 

After Valery finished telling Paul that she wanted a baby, Paul said he didn’t want to have a child with her. Valery was devastated and asked why. Paul responded, “Because I am not ready to settle down and be a father.” Paul was right. He wasn’t ready to take care of another person. Valery felt hurt and confused. She couldn’t understand why Paul wouldn’t be ready to be a father. Paul told her he didn’t want to take on the responsibility of having a child with her and wanted to enjoy his life. 

At first, Valery didn’t believe Paul. After all, he was the manager of the restaurant where she worked. Why would he lie? However, as time went on, she realized that Paul was telling her the truth. He wasn’t ready to be a father because he was young and didn’t want to be responsible for another person. Valery was heartbroken and decided to go back home to Romania. The night before she was leaving, Valery had a dream. In her dream, she was in a beautiful place with many people who were happy with their lives. There were children everywhere, and it was a place where there was hope for everyone. When Valery woke up from her dream, she had no idea what the dream meant, but she knew she needed to stay in the United States and make a better life for herself.

As Paul was leaving Valery’s apartment, he told her he was sorry and wished he could change things. Valery was heartbroken when Paul left, but she told herself she still had a chance with him. She thought she would wait for him if he changed his mind and decided to be a father. A few weeks went by, and Paul never came back. Valery tried to reach out to Paul several times, but Paul never called or returned her calls. Valery was crushed. She cried daily and couldn’t overcome that Paul didn’t want a child with her. 

After Valery’s dream in her apartment, she knew she needed to stay in the United States.  Valery got a job at a local hospital where she worked as a receptionist. After several months of working there, she started going to school at night to get a certificate as a nurse. Valery worked hard and studied every day. The hardest part of being a student was always paying for books and tuition. But she loved nursing so much that she made sure she had enough money to pay for her tuition. Valery graduated from nursing school and started working at the same hospital. Valery got a promotion and became the lead RN. Now Valery was working at the same hospital where she had worked as a receptionist, making more money than ever. Valery was happy and grateful. She now had the chance to live well in the United States. 

Valery was very good at her nursing job.  Her patients were happy with her, and the doctors gave her many compliments on her doing a good job. Valery enjoyed going to work, especially at the end of her shift when she saw her patients smile and laugh. Sometimes, Valery would visit them in the hospital to ensure they were okay. Valery did everything that she could to be happy.  She tried to make her life as good as possible.  Raul, the chief surgeon at her hospital, learned from his patients that Valery was a knowledgeable and caring nurse.  He went to see her and fell in love as soon as he saw her. Raul thought that Valery was the most beautiful woman he ever saw. Raul was in love with Valery, yet they haven’t even spoken. 

Raul didn’t know how to overcome his fear of speaking to Valery because he was afraid she wouldn’t like him. He decided to tell her about his feelings. He told her that he loved her. When Valery heard that, she couldn’t believe that Raul loved her. She was shocked that he would want to marry her even though he didn’t know her. Raul explained to Valery that he wanted to marry her because he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Valery was touched and excited by Raul’s proposal. Raul told her she was the woman he was looking for all along. Valery was overjoyed to hear that, and they started planning their wedding.

It took them several months to plan a wedding, which would be a beautiful ceremony.  When the wedding day came, Valery had butterflies in her stomach. She was happy to see Raul but nervous about meeting her parents-in-law. They were going to be Valery’s guests at the wedding. Raul’s parents were from Mexico, and Valery was excited to meet them. Valery looked forward to wearing her new wedding dress. She felt like a princess as she walked down the church aisle. The wedding was beautiful, and everyone thought that Valery and Raul were perfect for each other. The wedding lasted for several hours.

When Valery and Raul left the church, they were exhausted and happy. They got into a limo that took them home to celebrate their wedding. The wedding was wonderful and memorable, and everyone loved Valery and Raul. Valery loved Raul. She loved his family, and they loved her too. She had everything she wanted.

English Learners, what did you think of this story? What did you like, and what did you want to be different? How would you continue this story? Add your insights in the comments section below.

Activity: Multiple-Choice Questions

Directions: Please take out a sheet of paper or use your notebook to write your answers. Once you write your answers on your paper, please review the answer key below.

  1. In the passage, what does Valery’s dream of moving to America represent to her?

A) A chance to improve her English skills
B) A means to have a better life and help her family
C) A desire to work at a local fast-food restaurant
D) A hope to meet a handsome young man

  1. According to the passage, why did Valery decide to stay in the United States?

A) She found a well-paying job as a receptionist.
B) She wanted to continue her education and become a nurse.
C) She fell in love with Paul and wanted to be with him.
D) She received a promotion at the local hospital.

  1. What caused Valery to realize that Paul was telling the truth about not wanting to have a child?

A) Paul’s position as the manager of the restaurant
B) Valery’s dream about a place with hope for everyone
C) Paul’s absence and lack of communication
D) Valery’s conversations with her patients at the hospital

  1. What is the main reason Valery was initially attracted to Raul?

A) His position as the chief surgeon at the hospital
B) His caring and knowledgeable nature as a nurse
C) His proposal to marry her despite not knowing her well
D) His Mexican heritage and his parents’ background

  1. How did Valery feel when Raul expressed his love for her?

A) Surprised and shocked
B) Indifferent and uninterested
C) Disappointed and hurt
D) Touched and excited

  1. What is the purpose of the passage?

A) To describe Valery’s struggles in America
B) To highlight Valery’s career progression as a nurse
C) To narrate Valery’s journey towards finding love and happiness
D) To emphasize the importance of English language skills for immigrants

  1. Based on the passage, what can be inferred about Valery’s determination and work ethic?

A) She was willing to work multiple low-paying jobs to support her family.
B) She was motivated to study and pay for her nursing school tuition.
C) She always prioritized her personal life over her career.
D) She struggled to find happiness and satisfaction in her job as a receptionist.

  1. What is the author’s tone towards Valery’s experiences?

A) Regretful
B) Inspirational
C) Sarcastic
D) Critical

  1. How does the passage portray Valery’s dreams and aspirations?

A) They were easily achieved without any obstacles.
B) They were mostly influenced by her relationships with men.
C) They required hard work and determination to become reality.
D) They were unrealistic and unrealistic.

  1. Which of the following best summarizes the main idea of the passage?

A) Valery’s immigration to the United States and her struggles to find love and happiness.
B) Valery’s career progression from a receptionist to a nurse at a local hospital.
C) Valery’s failed relationship with Paul and her decision to go back to Romania.
D) Valery’s wedding to Raul and her integration into his Mexican family.

Answer Key:

  1. B
  2. B
  3. C
  4. C
  5. D
  6. C
  7. B
  8. B
  9. C
  10. A

11 thoughts on “Valery’s Life in the USA: Creative Stories #2

  1. Greetings Maestro Sersea

    The Valery story, it’s a beautiful story with a happy end up.
    Unfortunetely, there’s a lot of immigrant that have not had the same lucky.

    Best Regards,

    1. Greeting Maestro Sersea

      It is a beautiful story, although that she faced serious problems with her ex boyfriend, she had the endeavor and patient to achieve its goal, so, now, she has a good pay job, a husband that love her, a new life. The most important this she is love, too, for her parent in law.
      She will continue being happy with her love ones.
      And What did I want to be different?
      The actitud of her exboyfriend, Really, he didn’t want to have any kind of resposabilities. What did I think of this story? I think that she is an afortunated woman.

      Best Regards

  2. Hello , Hind from Iraq
    – Ambition and logical dream is good for every person but Valera wanted to improve her English skill so she could move to US and have a better life while her dream come true when she applied and won the green card lottery and move to US but the first think we can’t put our live in probability theory that is mean may be yes or may be no because not every one be good luck.
    -she have struggle , perseverance and despair and make better life for her self.
    -Achieve the goal not for the first chance by another job or new relationship when she was very good at her nursing job and met Raul the chief Surgeon who was in love with her and want to marry .
    -The happiness may be found beside ourself and we didn’t see it so when we find it we must enjoy of it and If we didn’t find happiness we continue to search every where and time .

  3. Hello everyone,
    I like this story. It is very nice. It encourages himself to work very hard if we want to achieve a purpose. It is also an example if we involve to arrive at a goal.
    Thanks teacher.

  4. Hello . I gues this story is the best example of what we need: work hard and faith for aour goals with a lopt of patience
    Thanks for the story to improve aour english comprehension

  5. I love the story, I liked that Valery had a happy ending at the end. I really think the story has a good ending, so I wouldn´t change anything. It´s funny to me that Paul left but, it was for the best. We should not always cling to someone, especially when the two do not have the same objectives. It is better to go on, learning, improving and living.
    And as they say:
    If you love something set it free
    If it comes back to you, it´s yours!
    If it does not return, it never was.

  6. I found it interesting the fact that they have added such a true fact to this story because naturally, no one succeeds at the first attempt, but that is necessary even if we do not want to go through bad times and events, it is part of life to fall but we must still have faith and know how to get up, keep trying to achieve our goals.

  7. The story is interesting. Thanks to the Green Card lottery, Valery arrived in America to live. She tried to integrate into the new society without a relative beside her. Valery was looking for happiness and knew well what it would be. Thanks to her efforts and luck, she got her goal.
    I didn’t surprise about Paul. He represented the majority of young people in America. Giving birth and raising children is something expensive in the US. He is more willing to give up his love than to sacrifice his career and time for having children. Lawmakers need to change the law to support young families who want to have children. If not, America will have to solve population-geographic problems soon.

  8. This is a happy ending story. A young immigrant came to settle down in the US, Valery faced many differences in life and love. Above all, she focused on her career by being a nurse. She was rewarded by love of her patients because of the dedication in her work. Moreover, she was sincerely loved by Raul, got married with him and had a happy family.

  9. Valery’s Life in USA: Creative story
    The story,’ Valery’s Life in USA’ is very interesting and appealing story. It made me happy and glad.
    A young woman, named, Valery has been inspiration to all of us. Valery is stranger an immigrant in USA. Her struggle in America is remarkable. Her journey towards finding love and happiness is wonderful. She is young and brave enough to stand up for herself and her beliefs, even though when she is badly hurt by her boyfriend attitude. She does not lose her hope and moves forward to face the challenges. Valery has the quality of being ready and willing to face negative situations. Therefore, by having these qualities, Valery achieves her goal and gets her destination, a good job, a right person to married. Hard work, dedication and motivation are the key to success.
    I got 7 correct answers of my comprehensive skill.

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