The definition of the word “ambitious” is to have a strong desire to be successful and usually to involve oneself in active competition with others. Stanford University defines ambition as, “the quality or state of being ambitious.” It is an abstract noun derived from the adjective “ambitious.” Its usage appears in various forums including common usage, professional and academic language repertoires, and television programs.

An ambitious person is one who has an urge to succeed in life. This usually means one is keen on gaining power or wealth, or they are eager to be successful in what they do. It also refers to someone who has the desire to outperform their peers.

Ambitious describes someone with the drive to aim high in his or her pursuits. The adjective ambitious is often used in conjunction with leadership, aspirations, goals, and position-seeking.

The phenomenon of ambitious individuals has been studied by researchers extensively in recent years. One study found that our sense of achievement can be predicted by whether we are highly ambitious or not. Ambitious people tend to seek challenges which stretch them academically, professionally, and intellectually.

The term “ambitious” can be defined as willing to sacrifice time, love, personal freedom for the sake of career advancement. This is typically an attribute that is looked down on for its lack of balance in life. However many people are ambitious because they feel like without ambition there is no chance for growth or opportunity.

The term ‘ambitious’ is typically used to indicate that someone who has a strong sense of self-determination, is highly motivated, at times over-confident, and takes on challenges without fear.

An individual may be described as being “ambitious” if they have a high emotional intelligence, are “go-getters,” crave success, and are very confident in their abilities.

Ambitious people are often striving towards high achievement. They are often determined to succeed, and want to achieve things. An ambitious person is not willing to give up, even if it does not seem like they can make it. They will keep fighting until the end. Ambition is generally considered a good quality, because people who are ambitious are working hard for their own ends, which tend to be admirable qualities.

Ambitious individuals are people who want to be successful and do not like to give up. However, this is more than just striving for success; it is an intrinsic motivation that cannot be quelled by setbacks.

Research has found that people with higher levels of ambition may be more likely to work longer hours and take on positions of responsibility (e.g., leadership positions) than less ambitious counterparts.

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