John’s Pursuit of Success in America: Creative Stories #1

Once upon a time, there was a young man named John. John was always interested in learning new things.  He wanted to improve his English skills to travel to America and have a better life. John recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.  He dreamed of moving to America and getting a good-paying job as an engineer. His dream came true when he applied, won the Green Card Lottery, and moved to the United States for a better life.

He found a free online course called “English Grammar” at the Khan Academy and decided to take it. He worked hard, completed the course, and got an A+. John was very proud of his accomplishments and knew this was the first step to success.  However, he also felt that one thing was missing from his vocabulary: the word “yet.” So, he returned to the Khan Academy and asked about this issue. The teacher gave him some helpful information and sent him on his way.

He also wanted to find a job to help support his family. John started his search for a job at his local library, hoping to meet some of the many people who worked there.  John went to every job fair the library held and even volunteered his services at the local office to see if they would hire him.

And then, one day, he got a call from the head librarian telling him she had found him a job at the library. He was thrilled that he had found his first job in America and thought it was a great opportunity.  He got up the next morning and showed up for work. Unfortunately, he was let go from his job the very next day. The reason was that the library was in financial trouble and needed to make some cutbacks.  The library was now looking for a part-time custodian who could help clean the building.  John had applied for the job, and then, just like that, he was hired as a part-time custodian! 

However, after three months at the library, John began to feel a bit sad and lonely. He missed his friends back home and wanted to talk to them about their experiences with dating and relationships. He also felt that he needed to go to school to learn more about business and how it worked. After thinking about it for a few days, John decided that maybe he should take some online classes to improve his English skills, learn about business, and keep busy.

And then, one day, John met someone he liked working at the library. Her name was Katie. He decided to ask her out for dinner. They went to the local Italian restaurant and ate pizza and drank wine.  John had a wonderful time and enjoyed himself so much that he asked her to go on a second date.  After they finished their meal, they both went outside to sit in the park and talk. John told her he loved his family and wanted to change his life to help him feel more fulfilled.

John and Katie talked for a while and became really good friends. At the end of the evening, John asked Katie again if she would like to go on a second date with him.  She said she’d love to but had to return to her home country first because her mother was sick. She told him she was unsure she’d return to the USA. After she left, John went over to the table where his friend Jill was waiting for him.  He invited her to have dinner with him the following evening.

John and Jill had dinner and returned to John’s apartment to watch a movie. It was the first time that they had been together alone.  They talked about their favorite movies and movies they had seen.  As they watched the movie, they began to feel more comfortable with each other.  And then, one day, John and Jill started to talk about how they could make their relationship work. They both agreed that they wanted to get married, and they wanted to rush things.  They decided to go to a local courthouse to see if they could find a judge who would marry them.

After the wedding, John got a call from the head librarian at the library telling him that he had a job interview for an administrative assistant job at the library. He was thrilled and decided to drive to the library early in the morning to apply. He was interviewed and hired for the job, and now he can help support his family and pay off his student loans. He has found good-paying full-time work and is finally on his way to being successful in America.

English Learners, what did you think of this story? What did you like, and what did you want to be different? How would you continue this story? Add your insights in the comments section below.

Activity: Multiple-Choice Questions

Directions: Please take out a sheet of paper or use your notebook to write your answers. Once you write your answers on your paper, please review the answer key below.

  1. According to the passage, why did John want to improve his English skills?
    a) To get a job in America
    b) To travel to America
    c) To support his family
    d) To have a better life
  2. How did John feel after completing the “English Grammar” course at Khan Academy?
    a) Proud of his accomplishments
    b) Disappointed in his progress
    c) Confused about his future plans
    d) Frustrated with his language skills
  3. Why did John volunteer at the local office?
    a) To gain work experience
    b) To meet new people
    c) To support his family financially
    d) To improve his English skills
  4. Why was John let go from his job at the library?
    a) The library had financial troubles
    b) John didn’t show up for work
    c) The library was closing down
    d) John didn’t get along with his coworkers
  5. What position did John eventually get at the library?
    a) Part-time custodian
    b) Head librarian
    c) Administrative assistant
    d) Volunteer coordinator
  6. Why did John decide to take online classes?
    a) To improve his English skills
    b) To learn more about business
    c) To keep busy
    d) All of the above
  7. What did John and Katie do on their first date?
    a) Went to the local Italian restaurant
    b) Went to a movie theater
    c) Went for a walk in the park
    d) Went to a museum
  8. Why did Katie have to return to her home country?
    a) Her mother was sick
    b) She didn’t like living in the USA
    c) She found a job opportunity abroad
    d) She wanted to visit her friends
  9. Who did John invite to have dinner with him after Katie left?
    a) Jill
    b) His family
    c) His friends back home
    d) His colleagues from work
  10. What did John and Jill talk about during their dinner?
    a) Their favorite movies
    b) Their favorite books
    c) Their future plans
    d) Their past relationships
  11. Why did John and Jill decide to get married?
    a) They wanted to rush things
    b) They wanted to start a family
    c) They wanted to live together
    d) They wanted to please their parents
  12. What job opportunity did John get after his wedding?
    a) Administrative assistant at the library
    b) Head librarian at the library
    c) Part-time custodian at the library
    d) Volunteer coordinator at the library
  13. How did John feel after getting the job at the library?
    a) Thrilled
    b) Disappointed
    c) Anxious
    d) Indifferent
  14. What can be inferred about John’s financial situation after getting the job?
    a) He can support his family
    b) He is in debt
    c) He needs to find a second job
    d) He is struggling to pay off his student loans
  15. What is the main theme of the passage?
    a) Pursuit of the American Dream
    b) Importance of language skills
    c) Challenges of finding a job
    d) Benefits of online education

Answer Key:

  1. a) To get a job in America
  2. a) Proud of his accomplishments
  3. b) To meet new people
  4. a) The library had financial troubles
  5. a) Part-time custodian
  6. d) All of the above
  7. a) Went to the local Italian restaurant
  8. a) Her mother was sick
  9. a) Jill
  10. a) Their favorite movies
  11. a) They wanted to rush things
  12. a) Administrative assistant at the library
  13. a) Thrilled
  14. a) He can support his family
  15. a) Pursuit of the American Dream

30 thoughts on “John’s Pursuit of Success in America: Creative Stories #1

  1. Hello,
    Nice story. I’d like it to be more long. John is a hard worker and clever man. He tries winning his life and supports his family.

  2. Well, I found the story interesting, since it speaks of a reality that sometimes other people do not fully understand. Well, I wouldn´t change anything about the story because I think it has a purpose. If had the opportunity to change the story or add something, it would be maybe more details, but in itself I think it´s fine. What I understood from this story is that there will always be obstacles. The second thing is to take the oppotunity when you have it. The third thing is not to be conformist and keep improving. And finally this story tells us about a reality, which is the fact and the desire to be looking for the dream of being better and feeling fulfilled as a person. But really, everyone´s dream is relative, everyone has their own dreams and goals and their own obstacules.

  3. What I liked about the story is how he managed to get ahead despite his start, although I wish he had found a job as an engineer, I would follow the story with the reunion with his family and friends.

  4. I like this story because it tells a story of a young person who immigrated to the U.S. He was lucky, energetic, and worked hard. He encountered unexpected events and overcame them. His marriage is based on the comfortable rather than on romantic love, a way that many young people choose. He did not have another choice. That shows that we should work hard and accept reality and our fate to be happy.

  5. The story of John is a good example for the immigrants. Despite of his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in his country, he gets a job in a library in the United States. He has a stable life and support his family. In America, there are many opportunities for everyone. If you have hard work and the patient, you will success.

  6. i enyoy the story is good, John fought for what he wanted, to find a good job and live the life of his dreams, however I would change the marriage because he did it very quickly.

  7. I like the story. All the stories that tells the life of the persons are very interesting.
    That’s the life We have to fight for us, to find a good job, a person who loves and enjoy a good life.

  8. I like this story because it is an example of struggle, and overcoming and that we have to work very hard to achieve our goals.

  9. I enjoyed the John’s story, I think his story is the story of almost all immigrants. I think I wouldn’t change anything because we all have to learn something new, to have more job opportunities.

  10. This story is of a persona who wants get ahead, but in the way encounter many obstacles. Only shoulding working hard for attain his goals.

  11. I think of this History is wonderful because John was working hard to come true his dreams and he did it. I like in this history that John got a job but I would have liked that he could go to more dates with Katie.

  12. I like the history because, this is it one of those exemples the we can go to the goal.
    Continue to learn englihs ,

  13. when there are dreams you can achieve many things, working and preparing are given the opportunities and have the love of the people we love.

  14. Nice story. Is a good example for the immigrants, Jhon tries hard, studies and works, and tries to support his family, In America, there are many opportunities for everyone. All immigrants must follow John’s example to achieve their dreams in America.

  15. I like the history because talk about a successful person, who is a immigrated to the U.S.
    He work ready hard, its a good example of self-improvement.

  16. The story is good and romantic at the same time. John worked really hard to complete his course and finely he got the job and got married with the women he loved.

  17. I saw that how John success in America. He has a dream and has tried to come true his dream.
    Most important things are he didn’t stop to learn English skills.

  18. I think that is very important to continue in the life, John improve skills in English and he can get a better job, a job of full time and then, I think is good to get a girlfriend and thinking married, because this is a very important motivation to be better every day.

  19. Very nice story.
    I like it is interesting because the story talks about how we all migrate to this country in search of better opportunities

  20. I like the history because John was very realistic about his goals. John is very humble person. John never stop dreaming about have something good in his life.

  21. I can see about the story is a very nice and interesting because John is a hard worked, I wouldn’t change anything he wants to be successful in his life he has a goal, and he is improving in everything each day he got a better job, and he goes to learn English to school That’s we should do to be succesful in our life.

  22. ”Jon’s pursuit of success in America”
    I went through the story. I just loved it.It is an engaging and holding my attention throughout the reading. The story made me think that hard work, honesty, motivation and dedication is the key to success and one can achieve his goal with these qualities.

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