Reading Comprehension Skills

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Finding the Main Idea

Finding Supporting Details

Distinguishing between Fact and Opinion

Drawing Conclusions

Comparing and Contrasting


What is Reading Comprehension?

Reading comprehension is the ability to comprehend what one has read in a text. This includes understanding the meaning of individual words, understanding the author’s purpose, and interpreting how it relates to other texts. Reading comprehension skills are important because they are linked to higher academic achievement, better literacy skills, and even higher earning power later in life.

Reading comprehension refers to an individual’s ability to comprehend what they have read in a written text.

Reading comprehension is the process of mentally understanding and interpreting what has been read. It involves a number of skills such as: vocabulary, background knowledge, inference, and prediction

The process of reading comprehension involves the use of many different skills including vocabulary, background knowledge, inferences and predictions.

A reading comprehension skill is the ability to understand what one has read. This can be done through techniques such as rereading passages, summarizing, asking questions, and predicting.

Reading comprehension skills are important because they allow for more information to be retained from what one has read. It also allows for new connections between information to be made that might not have been made if the person had only skimmed the page.

Reading comprehension skills are critical for academic success. Reading comprehension skills involve the ability to understand what one reads. Students need to develop these skills in order to be successful readers. They can do this by reading more frequently, taking notes while reading, and doing exercises that help with understanding the passage.

Reading comprehension skills are important for academic success. These skills involve understanding what one reads.

Reading comprehension skills are the ability to comprehend what you read. There are two types of reading comprehension skills: cognitive and evaluative. Cognitive reading comprehension skills refer to the understanding and remembering of information while evaluative refers to how you respond or react to what you read. Reading comprehension is transferred through reading, listening and viewing medias.

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