American English Reading Comprehension Skills

As English continues dominating the world’s lingua franca, reading comprehension has never been more important. With over 1 billion individuals speaking English worldwide, it is no surprise that American English reading comprehension skills are in high demand. However, despite the United States being the world’s largest native English-speaking nation, American English comprehension can still prove…

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How to Read Better (Article 11)

Reading is an essential skill we use every day, whether browsing through emails, studying for exams, or simply reading for pleasure. However, many of us struggle to comprehend what we are reading or retain the information we’ve read. The good news is that there are ways to improve your reading skills, whether you’re a student,…

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Respectful Character

The notion of respectful character is a salient one in social work. It means that the person can respect themselves and others, have strong self-concepts, have autonomy, have empathy for others, have good coping skills, feel gratitude for their life’s advantages, and take responsibility for their actions. The respectful character is a type of personality,…

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