Jose and the American Dream: Creative Stories #3

Once upon a time, a young man named Jose lived in Mexico. Jose wanted to improve his English skills so he could move to the United States of America and have a better life. Jose dreamed of moving to America, getting a good-paying job, and helping his family back home. His dream came true when he applied, won the Green Card Lottery, and moved to the United States for a better life.

Jose is now studying in San Antonio, Texas, and has found a great job at the University of Texas. He is working hard to repay all the money he owes on his student loans. Jose also learned about the importance of being financially independent as he worked through school.

When Jose arrived in the United States, he was shocked at how expensive everything was. He felt he couldn’t afford what he needed to live a normal life in America. He could only dream of living the American Dream. To make matters worse, Jose’s family back home in Mexico also struggled financially. Although difficult, Jose decided to stay in the United States and help his family back home.

Too often, students in the United States don’t think about their family’s financial situation. They think about themselves and what they want. For Jose, he wanted to give back and help his family, believing it was the right thing to do. Jose found that he had many more challenges to overcome as he continued his journey than just learning English and getting a better-paying job. As Jose continued his studies at the University of Texas, he worked through college and learned that his family couldn’t help him pay for school either. Jose didn’t have any extra money for food, so he learned to live on ramen noodles and cheap food while working hard in school. Jose learned that he needed to become financially independent to succeed in America.

Because he was an extremely good student and earned high grades, Jose applied for and was awarded the President’s Scholarship. This scholarship provided Jose with an additional $25,000 a year. Jose could use it to repay his student loans and save for a down payment on a house. Jose’s goal is to own his house in San Antonio, Texas. He dreams of being financially independent and providing for his family so they can move to America too. Jose knows it will take hard work, dedication, and commitment to make this happen. Jose is doing the best he can to make sure he is successful. Having received a financial aid award helps Jose get through college with ease and saves him money for other important things. Jose knows that the future is bright for him and his family.

How did Jose make such a big difference in his life? He saved money and worked hard at school. Jose didn’t give up on his dream and persevered until he could achieve it. Today, Jose lives the American Dream. He owns a house, drives a car, and sends money to his family. Jose became financially independent and can provide for his family so they can follow in his footsteps. The American Dream is an inspiration to many people from around the world. It’s inspiring because you can achieve this great feat by putting your mind to it. The American Dream is inspiring because it shows that you should never give up and keep trying to achieve your dreams. As Jose showed us, sometimes we must sacrifice to make our dreams a reality. Jose gave up all of the comforts in his life to help his family back home and move to America. He saved his money and worked hard to make his dream come true.

Besides being an inspirational story, Jose is also an inspiration for many students. He’s the perfect example of what it takes to live the American Dream. As you can see, the American Dream is anything but easy. It takes hard work, sacrifice, and determination to achieve success. The best way to achieve the American Dream is to be smart and make a plan. Take the time to think about what you want in life and write down your goals. Think about how you’re going to accomplish them. Don’t give up on your dreams because you feel like it’s not possible. The American Dream is attainable if you keep your head up and work hard. Once you’ve set your goals, don’t give up on them because you don’t think you’ll be able to make it happen. You have to keep pushing forward to reach your goal. Jose’s story shows that even though things were tough for him, he never gave up. Jose is a great example of what it takes to achieve the American Dream.

English Learners, what did you think of this story? What did you like, and what did you want to be different? How would you continue this story? Add your insights in the comments section below.

Activity: Multiple-Choice Questions

Directions: Please take out a sheet of paper or use your notebook to write your answers. Once you write your answers on your paper, please review the answer key below.

  1. The primary purpose of this passage is to:
    A. discuss the challenges faced by English learners in the United States.
    B. highlight the importance of financial independence for immigrants.
    C. explain how Jose achieved the American Dream through hard work and perseverance.
    D. analyze the concept of the American Dream and its impact on individuals.
  2. According to the passage, what motivated Jose to move to the United States?
    A. His desire to improve his English skills.
    B. His dream of getting a good paying job.
    C. His intention to help his family back home.
    D. His goal of becoming financially independent.
  3. Based on the information in the passage, what does the author imply about Jose’s financial situation when he arrived in the United States?
    A. He was able to afford everything he needed.
    B. He struggled to afford the things he needed.
    C. He received financial support from his family.
    D. He had enough money to live a luxurious life.
  4. Which of the following best describes Jose’s attitude towards his family’s financial situation?
    A. He was indifferent and focused solely on his own needs.
    B. He wanted to give back and help his family.
    C. He believed his family should be financially independent.
    D. He thought his family should move to the United States.
  5. What did Jose learn while working his way through college?
    A. The importance of being financially independent.
    B. The challenges of learning English.
    C. The benefits of receiving a scholarship.
    D. The difficulties of living in the United States.
  6. Which of the following statements best summarizes Jose’s journey?
    A. Jose faced numerous challenges but never gave up on his dream of achieving the American Dream.
    B. Jose struggled financially and had to rely on his family for support.
    C. Jose quickly achieved the American Dream and became financially independent.
    D. Jose realized that the American Dream was unattainable and decided to return to Mexico.
  7. What is the main message of the passage?
    A. The American Dream is easily achievable with hard work.
    B. Financial independence is the key to success in the United States.
    C. Sacrifices are necessary to achieve one’s dreams.
    D. Jose’s story serves as an inspiration to students pursuing the American Dream.
  8. According to the passage, what is the best way to achieve the American Dream?
    A. Setting goals and making a plan.
    B. Saving money and working hard.
    C. Having a supportive family.
    D. Moving to the United States.
  9. What does the author mean by stating, “The American Dream is attainable if you keep your head up and work hard”?
    A. The American Dream can be achieved by maintaining a positive attitude and putting in effort.
    B. The American Dream is only possible for those who work tirelessly.
    C. The American Dream is an unrealistic goal that requires constant hard work.
    D. The American Dream is easily attainable if one remains determined.
  10. Which of the following best describes the tone of the passage?
    A. Inspirational and hopeful.
    B. Critical and judgmental.
    C. Cynical and sarcastic.
    D. Indifferent and unemotional.
  11. What can be inferred about Jose’s academic abilities?
    A. He struggled academically but received financial aid.
    B. He excelled academically and earned high grades.
    C. He barely managed to pass his classes.
    D. His academic performance is not mentioned in the passage.
  12. What does the author imply about the role of sacrifices in achieving the American Dream?
    A. Sacrifices are unnecessary and hinder success.
    B. Sacrifices are essential for achieving the American Dream.
    C. Sacrifices are only made by immigrants.
    D. Sacrifices are rewarded with financial aid.
  13. According to the passage, why did Jose work hard in school?
    A. To pay off his student loans.
    B. To afford a down payment on a house.
    C. To provide for his family in Mexico.
    D. To achieve financial independence.
  14. Which of the following best summarizes Jose’s ultimate goal?
    A. To be financially independent and support his family.
    B. To achieve the American Dream without making any sacrifices.
    C. To become a successful student and receive scholarships.
    D. To move back to Mexico and help his family financially.
  15. How does Jose’s story serve as an inspiration for students?
    A. It shows that achieving the American Dream is impossible.
    B. It demonstrates the importance of relying on family support.
    C. It highlights the challenges and sacrifices necessary for success.
    D. It encourages students to give up on their dreams.

Answer Key:

  1. C
  2. C
  3. B
  4. B
  5. A
  6. A
  7. D
  8. A
  9. A
  10. A
  11. B
  12. B
  13. D
  14. A
  15. C

19 thoughts on “Jose and the American Dream: Creative Stories #3

  1. Hello everyone,
    Going to USA is a dream of many people in the world, but if you want to come there, you must work very hard, eat cheap, save enough to own his home.

  2. I believe that the most important thing about this story is that Jose recognize that he have to work hard for his goals and his family can not afford his expenses in study in the University in America,
    So have to persue his dreams
    Thanks for the story Teacher

  3. Well, it was a very good story, I don’t think it needs to be changed. Mmm… The truth is that I wouldn’t know how to continue the story since it was a good ending and it makes you think about people’s lives

  4. I´m happy to think about how many people after their persistence manage to reach their goals. Still, I am even happier that after leaving their families they continue to support them because I understand that many people only think about their welfare, which is inconsiderate, one has to be grateful for everything you have because true wealth is to be happy with what we have but without stopping dreaming.

  5. I like this history, is very nice.
    The history is short.
    The history is very interesting.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I like this story because is nice.
    Jose is a dreamer and wants to bring his family with him.
    This history is interesting.

  7. Jose wants improve his English Skills
    The American dream is an inspiration to many people.
    The best way to achieve the America Dream is to be smart and make a plan.

  8. I like this story. this is story is very interesting because talk to about the dreams. From people who want to be better life with the family.

  9. I think Jose story is very interesting,vecause is about his gols.
    I liked the story very much ,beacause explains how Jose grew in the USA.

  10. ”Joes and American Dream” Creative story # 3
    I read the story of, “Joes and American Dream. ‘Very inspiring story. Though the journey of Joes’s success was hard and unable to be done. Any person who leaves his place and country to have a better life with less money, he will face lot of difficulties. joes dreamed of moving to America, getting a good job and helping his family back home. His good luck, he won the green card lottery. too often, students, in the united state don’t think their family’s financial situation, they just think about themselves, but joes are not like that he wanted to help his family. joes found that he had many more challenges to overcome and achieve his goal. some he does not have money for food, so he learned to live on ramen noodles and cheap food. Joes was extremely good student and earned high grads and got president’s scholarship of $25,000, these scholarships provided him a new energy, courage, motivation. Having received a financial aid award helps get through college with ease and save his money for other important things. He, owns a house, drive a car and sends money to his family.
    Joes is the perfect example of what it takes to live in America, as joes showed that sometimes sacrifice makes dream realty, how difficult things are never give up. ” hope is a waking dream”.
    I did ten correct answers in multiple- choice questions.

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