“Feathertop” by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Part 1: Read: About the author:

Nathaniel Hawthorne, an American novelist and short story writer, was born prematurely on July 4, 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts. His father died in 1808 when Nathaniel was four years old, leaving his care to his mother Elizabeth who had already demonstrated unhealthy psychoses. His mother’s erratic behavior continued to interfere with Nathaniel’s education; he studied at the Bowdoin College in Maine while living with relatives.

Nathaniel Hawthorne was a 19th-century American author who wrote novels. One of the main themes in his work is that people are trapped by their own flaws and sin, and can not be saved from this sinful trap on Earth. In “The Scarlet Letter” for example, the protagonist Hester lives out her punishment as a symbol of shame for her sins.

Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in 1804 and died in 1864. He worked as a writer, publisher, and lawyer. His works were considered to be gothic or dark romances. Some of his most remembered works are “The Scarlet Letter,” “The House of Seven Gables,” and “The Marble Faun.” He is often read in classrooms for his language and symbolism.

Nathaniel Hawthorne is an author noted for his realistic, historically accurate setting and moralistic themes, as well as for his social criticism. He was born in 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts. His father was a sea captain with a successful trade route to the West Indies. Nathaniel grew up in what is now considered one of the most haunted towns in America during the time of the Salem witch trials.

Part 2: Listen to the audio recording of the short story “Feathertop” by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Part 3: Watch, read, and listen to the video based on the short story “Feathertop” by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Part 4: Take the short story quiz

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