A polite person is someone who has a high regard for the feelings and opinions of others and is often nice and respectful.

A polite person is someone who is respectful to other people, even if they are not being respected, and usually refrains from being rude or using profanity. They may be perceived as weak because politeness can imply tolerance of inequality.

Politeness is a virtue that promotes good manners, respect, and courtesy. It is a social norm that dictates how people should be treated.

A polite person is one who shows consideration for others, typically by not offending them.
Fostering good relationships with others and practicing the Golden Rule helps develop a polite disposition because it requires awareness of how our actions can affect those around us. Learning to be courteous and empathetic to the needs of others also helps cultivate politeness.

Some people are so polite that they don’t want to offend anyone, or hurt anyones feelings. They know when to speak up and when to stay quiet.

A polite person is an individual who communicates in a way that is not offensive to the listener. This might include addressing people in a warm and respectful manner, not interrupting others when they are speaking, and generally being kind in conversation.

A polite person is someone who is mindful of other people’s feelings and tries to stay respectful of others. For instance, if they are talking to someone who seems to be grieving, they might take a break from the conversation so that the other person may have space to process their feelings privately.

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