A sympathetic person is someone who feels empathy for the people around them. One way to tell if someone is a sympathetic person is to observe their facial expressions. Observe their facial expressions while they are either listening to a story about an experience that you had, or while they are telling you a story about their own experience. If the person has open eyes and shows sorrowful facial expressions while you are telling your story, then they may be sympathetic.

The sympathetic person is a person who, when in a group of people, tends to take on the perspective of others.

A sympathetic person is a person who displays empathy for the feelings and emotions of other people. Sympathy is a state of sorrow or concern for another’s misfortune, unhappiness, or trouble. The word “sympathetic” comes from the Greek words “sympathes” meaning – “to suffer together with.”
In everyday life, people often describe themselves as being “a very sympathetic person” when they are said to be patient, understanding, and compassionate.

Sympathy is the intellectual awareness or understanding of another person’s condition. Sympathy can be expressed in many ways, such as a gesture of kindness, a comforting action, or a pat on the back. A sympathetic person is someone who feels compassion and empathy for others and who does not expect to be repaid in kind.

The sympathetic person is someone who can understand and sympathize with others. They offer emotional support and encouragement to the people in their lives, which then allows for more personal growth and development of that individual. The sympathetic person will then be able to express empathy and related emotions that will help them come up with constructive solutions like taking care of themselves, reflecting on their own life experiences, and reaching out to others when they need support.

In the study of psychology, a sympathetic person is someone who is able to relate with those people around them and understand their feelings. This ability comes from the individual’s personality as well as from empathy, which can be defined as “the capacity for understanding or sharing the feelings of another” (Merriam-Webster). Sympathetically is also defined as “intensely or extensively”, which means that a sympathetic person will show a lot of empathy towards those close to them.

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